About IWC

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The Indianapolis Women’s Chorus uses song and harmony to enable each woman to grow personally, musically, and within her community. By listening, we learn to blend. By celebrating the uniqueness of each voice, we create a plural voice of amazing sound. With this, the Women’s Chorus seeks common musical experiences with women of all races, faiths, ethnicities, sexual orientations, and gender expressions.

We explore and share a wide range of music, from the contemplative sounds of traditional sacred songs to unusual rhythms from other cultures to rounds and chants from the women’s music movement, to Broadway and pop/rock. We have even performed original works written by our own members. The Women’s Chorus is generally made up of around 50 singers, but we welcome new voices /singers and would love to grow our numbers. (Click HERE for audition information!) In addition to our concerts, we have performed at many other locations and events in the community including the Indiana Women’s Prison, the Madame (C.J.) Walker Theatre, the RCA Tennis Championships, and at Indiana Fever basketball games.

IWC was founded in 1994 as an affiliate of Crossroads Performing Arts, Inc., and became an independent 501(c)(3) organization in 2016. The Women’s Chorus has participated in events sponsored by GALA (the Gay and Lesbian Association of choruses), the Sister Singers Network and the National Women’s Music Festival.

Click HERE to listen to the WFYI Art of the Matter interview with Meagan Johnson and Marty Miles.


Meagan Johnson serves as the Artistic Director for the chorus. With a life-long interest in the intersection of artistry and education, Meagan works as an Alexander Technique teacher, choral conductor and voice instructor. Meagan studied voice performance, vocal pedagogy, conducting, and music education at Ithaca College, where she received both Bachelor and Master of Music Degrees. She then completed a 1600-hour teacher certification program at Alexander Technique Urbana (Urbana, IL). From 2006-2012, Meagan Johnson was Music Director of Amasong, the award-winning lesbian/feminist chorus based in Champaign-Urbana, IL. With Amasong, she produced two CDs of live concert recordings, Bridges of Song (2008) and Everything She Touches Changes (2014). Both recordings feature her arrangements and compositions for women’s voices. Meagan’s works for chorus celebrate the full spectrum of the voice, and include commissions from Women’s Works of Ithaca, NY, and Amasong. In 2014, Meagan founded the Indianapolis World Music Chorus, a non-auditioned ensemble of teens and adults dedicated to learning and performing music from world vocal ensemble traditions with authenticity, respect, and celebration. In 2015, she joined the Indianapolis Women’s Chorus as Artistic Director.

Meagan Johnson maintains active studios teaching Alexander Technique and voice in Indianapolis and Bloomington, Indiana. She travels regionally to present workshops about the intersection of the Alexander Technique with performing arts, health, and education. For more information or to contact Meagan, please visit www.sound-direction.com.

Tyler Secor serves as Accompanist for the chorus.

Tyler Secor is a native of Warsaw, Indiana and is currently pursuing his Doctorate of Arts in Music Theory with a secondary emphasis in Piano Chamber Music/Accompanying from Ball State University.  Tyler holds a Master of Arts degree in Music Theory from the University of Oregon (Eugene, OR), a Bachelor of Science degree in Music Theory and Composition and Piano Performance from Manchester University (formerly Manchester College, North Manchester, IN), and a Bachelor of Social Worker degree from Loyola University of Chicago (Chicago, IL).  Tyler’s academic pursuit focuses on Russian 20th Century music with an emphasis on the composer’s Alexander Scriabin and Dimitri Kabalevsky.

Tyler is an active pianist and has accompanied numerous recitals and musicals including Urinetown: The Musical, Carmina Burana, and Don Giovanni.  Currently, Tyler studies piano with Dr. James Helton and has previously studied with Dr. Ray Kilburn, Dr. Julia Lin, Dr. Debora DeWitt, and Alan Chambers.  

Indianapolis Women’s Chorus 2016 Board of Directors

    • Marty Miles, Chair
    • Matt Jeziorski, Vice-Chair
    • Kaye McSpadden, Secretary
    • Jean Patterson, Treasurer
    • Kim Allman, At Large
    • Kristin Cutler, At Large
    • Kim Donahue, At Large
    • Beth Kloote, At Large
    • Meg Gray, Chorus Representative
    • Cortnee Yarbrough, Chorus Representative
    • Meagan Johnson, Artistic Director (ex officio)